Smart distribution

Use simple configuration to split your test suite into multiple jobs to run them in parallel.

Use your own resources

Utilise your spare CPU cores to easily run your own workers. We provide near-zero configuration for worker setup.

Use managed resources

Opt for completely hassle-free managed cloud workers (coming soon).

Re-run individual tests

Almost every suite has some testing isolation holes. You can just re-run an individual test when in doubt.


Get notified about breaking tests. If our intelligent defaults don't suit you, you can adjust them at any time.

Docker Support

Architectured using Docker technology to support a limitless range of dependencies.

Multi-language support

Select your prefered code language and start testing in a few minutes.

Import any Git Repository

Import your projects using your preferred Repository Provider (GitHub, Bitbucket) or select our Bare Repo option.

Unified test output

Watch your test results in a single page no matter how many workers you use.

How It Works

All you have to do is create a project, select your technologies and run the docker-compose file. You can have as many workers running as your hardware can handle.

Code window

Configure your setup

Select the project that you want to test, add your dependencies and insert your build commands.

Drawing tablet

Pick your docker-compose file

We create your docker compose file based on the selected technologies and dependencies.


Run tests on your hardware

Whether you choose to run concurrent builds or run builds in parallel, your automated testing will be much faster. Just type docker-compose up in a docker environment and you are good to go.