Frequently Asked Questions

Which technologies are supported by the Testributor workers?

Quick answer: We don't mean to sound cheeky, but we support nearly everything!

Longer answer: We built Testributor in a way that a vast range of languages, frameworks and dependencies can be supported. The workers that will run your test suite "live" inside a Docker container. In order to speed things up with creating a suitable test environment, a huge number of open-source pre-build Docker images exist for you, in order to add what you need in your docker-compose.yml file and get everything in play quickly.

To make things even easier for you, we have already tested a number of technologies ourselves and you can select those via your project settings page. Behind the scenes, we add your selections in the docker-compose.yml file, as well.

  • Ruby 1.9.3-p551   ·   2.0.0-p648   ·   2.1.9   ·   2.2.4   ·   2.3.0
  • Nodejs 5.10
  • Postgres 9.3   ·   9.4
  • Mysql 5.5   ·   5.6   ·   5.7
  • Redis 2.6   ·   2.8   ·   3.0
  • Mongodb 3.2.5

If you don't see your stack in this list, fear not! Give us a shout and we'll get back to you in a jiffy to help you create your container.

What is a docker-compose.yml file?

This is a simple text file. Inside this file, you define the services, networks and volumes you wish to use in your Docker container. The syntax used to write those definitions is YAML (which is very easy by the way!). You can find the complete reference of what goes in this file here.